Fast Forward

It has been a year since I knew my career path would be changing.

A year ago, Nelly was about to be born... and just like with any child, you never know quite what to expect.... well, Nelly has evolved from a day dream to a day job.

Providing you and your children with beautiful garments, handcrafted in the USA is a source of great pride for us. Our factory is humming with the near completion of our first multi piece collection, and are soon adding our matching doll dresses.


In an effort to produce larger quantities in our main factory, accommodate more styles, and specialized items, we are giving Secret Closet a sewing home of it's own. We think items going into Nelly's Secret Closet deserve a special handmade touch and we are aiming to make them even more special this way.  We have found a new Cottage Style space that is going to be specially equipped to produce small batches of garments, allowing specially trained sewists the proper time and space needed for the level of detail required by these distinctive pieces.


The new cottage space means the shipping dept. is getting a new home as well!  Expect the same fast shipping that you are accustomed to, but from a new address.  Moving things around is always a big job, and to aid in that we had a few extra loads of samples, minor flaws, and hold-backs that we keep for exchanges in our Dress Up Box recently to help us clear out some space.

Thanks for growing with us and being the most loyal and dedicated fans we could have ever hoped for.

Oh, and you'll see our new address is on "Pioneer Way" ... how perfect is THAT.
 xo, Camille