Excuse me while I pause and wonder how this year flew by so quickly...
I think it's good for the soul to reflect back and remember lessons learned, reasons to be thankful.... etc.  I found myself in a reverie the other day...thinking about how I ended up creating Nelly Madison in the first place.

Back in the summer of 2006, I had a job interview at VS. I had been designing women's innerwear for a few years, and I was excited for an opportunity to design for VS. I was 26... I remember the swishy white skirt and lt. pink wrap top I wore...the stiletto sandals I teetered on while lugging my huge heavy portfolio, as I sweated my way from my job a few blocks away to the interview. Sitting in the fancy lobby with huge black and whites of all the famous Angels on the walls. (How exciting! How glamorous!)  Most of all I remember feeling confident....after all, "I had never NOT gotten a job before", I reminded myself.

A woman welcomed me in to her office, and the interview began. After a few minutes she let me know the design position I was interviewing for was for a capsule collection for their PINK brand. How exciting! I was wearing PINK that day! I was so excited that I ripped open my wrap top to show her how much I loved the brand..  She wasn't amused. The rest of the interview went downhill from there... and while trying to squat down carefully on those stilettos to gather my portfolio, I toppled over and my swishy skirt flew up and I laid there on her office floor showing her the rest of my inner outfit. Then I got the sillies and couldn't stop laughing. As I was shown back out to the lobby... I thought I would never see those big, beautiful, black and white Angels again.

Life experience alert! What not to do at a job interview!

Not long after that interview I started my 1st company. When I told my parents about my idea, to quit my safe, corporate, design job... to my surprise- they offered me a small loan. That loan and a lot of late nights devoted to designing, landed me back in the lobby of the VS design offices in a few months.  This time, not for an interview, but to respond to a call from them wanting to look at my designs. They became my biggest customer, and I found myself there often, surrounded by those Angels.

So, thank you Mom & Dad, for believing in me!

Another venture brought me Kelly's Kids as a wonderful customer, which led to Eleanor Rose, where I grew and learned and enjoyed creating with while I had my 3 babies. ...And now Nelly, and I am having so much fun designing swishy skirted dresses for your little girls, with the Made in the USA label inside :)


And thank you, Steve, for never batting an eye when I tell you all my "great ideas" and for supporting every whim of mine.

Cheers to 2018! Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year!

XO, Camille