Our Story

 Nelly Madison was our children's great great grandmother. Born in Iowa in 1883, as a young girl she travelled westward by Conestoga covered wagon to Nebraska. It was the late 1800s, when Americans were on the move and the country was making it's power felt around the World. Nelly was a true American pioneer girl- strong, self sufficient and our inspiration for creating this brand and manufacturing our clothing in the USA.

We are a husband-wife team dedicated to bringing back the "made in the USA" label on high-quality, delightful children's clothing. My wife Camille has been designing for several well-known apparel brands since getting her fashion design degree in 2001, and was living in New York City designing for a large children's wear brand when we met. Less than a year later we were married and settled into the suburbs of Connecticut. Camille has worked with big brands and small.  Most recently she spent 2 1/2 years behind the scenes as part of the creative team helping to launch the wildly successful Eleanor Rose boutique brand.

We hope you love Camille's exclusive textile designs and our quality, keepsake-worthy clothing,

Steve & Camille

Nelly Madison Clothing Co.